For a good selection of downloadable GPS files of the trails in our area, check out GEOBETTY.

If you’ve been downloading our maps and have found them to be helpful, please make a donation to our club.   The money is currently being spent on trail tools for our volunteer trail builders.  We also will be creating signage and better maps for our area.

Check back for links to gps files as well.

REDD RD. TRAILS – Due to constant construction and road develpment in this area, this map may not be truly representative of the area near the end of Redd Rd.

Redd Rd. Trails

 ARROYO PARK/MONKS TRAILS – This area is one of the most technical areas in town.  The climb is steep but smooth and it will reward you with some great descents with lots of rocks!  The best place to park is at the Tennis Center.  That will give you a good warm-up climbing through the arroyo to Monk’s trails.

Monks Arroyo Park

HEINRICH PARK (NORTHEAST)  The Heinrich Park Trails are found behind the North Hills subdivision.  From Hwy. 54 North, take the Martin Luther King exit.  Head north on MLK and turn left on Jon Cunningham.  The parking lot is at the end of Jon Cunningham.  Park in the small parking lot, ride to the top of the dam via the steep concrete slope, look down and left and you will see the gate entering the trails.  Most of these trails are gps’d via the Puzzler route.  None are marked.  Look at the bottom right section of trails on that map.  These trails head west into the State Park, so be advised and have your park pass on you.

Here is the latest map of all the Heinrich Park trails and below it is the entire map showing ALL of the FMSP trails.

Heinrich Park Trails

Heinrich Park Trails

Big Map of Franklin Mtn. North Trails

PUZZLER ROUTE – This route (the big one lap) covers almost all the trails in the northeast and Anthony Gap.

TOM MAYS’ STATE PARK TRAILS – This map is a bit strange, but it has all the trails in what we call the Tom Mays’ section of the Franklin Mountain State Park.

Google Image map of Heinrich Park Trails

MOUNTAIN PARK TRAILS – You are probably asking yourself, “Where is Mountain Park?”  The area in the mountains just west of Magnetic Dr. have some really cool trails.  They are quite rocky and difficult, but they make for great evening rides after work.  Check back for a link to the gps file.


jobe waiver

Print the document, sign it, fax to   or email it to  Everytime you ride through, call (915) 298-9900 or (915) 472-1722.


  1. brentep Says:

    can someone please stop taking our information sign that we have posted at the pile of rocks on redd!

  2. How’s the snow level, thinking of riding the Ol’ El Paso loop
    This weekend
    Thanks , Vernon

    1. bmba Says:

      We have no snow on the mountains.

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