Our May meeting was extremely productive and some changes are coming to the club.  With 5 board members present (David Wilson – President, Brent Sanders – Vice President, Steve Ainsa – Membership manager, DJ Singh – Puzzler Committee, and Michael Hall), major changes to membership were approved.  A new set of bylaws are being finalized that focus more on the clubs purpose as a non-profit.  The Puzzler Committee is teaming with the Convention and Visitors Bureau, the EP Sports Commission, and the directors of the EP Marathon to incorporate a marathon trail run into the Puzzler weekend.  This will create a weekend of ENDURANCE MADNESS in El Paso that will hopefully open the eyes of our local population to hardcore endurance sports.  When we decided to host the first Puzzler, we had 26 participants.  Many El Paso riders told us we were crazy and that nobody would want to ride 50 miles in the Franklins.  Now it seems that the Puzzler is on the radar of even beginner level riders who want to push themselves to new limits.

So here are some things you need to know about in regards to changes in the club.  Most people should be pretty excited.


It was decided that we would significantly reduce the cost of club membership.  $10 covers a one year membership. Memberships expire May 31.  If you pay in May, it will last a full year.  Membership gives you a ballot for elections and allows you to be an officer.  We also have a discounted membership for military and students ($5).  No merchandise will be given away with these memberships except the membership special which is on the Membership page.  If a business wants to show its support, an annual membership is $100 and the business will receive a window decal.


Candidacies to be an officer need to be announced at the meeting on June 5 where you will need to announce your intentions to run for an office and provide us with a bio or statement.  The positions available are President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  Election ballots will be sent electronically to all active members via email sometime in August and the winners will be announced at the September meeting.  New officers will take over October 1.


We currently have one volunteer committee….the Puzzler Race Committee consisting of David Wilson, DJ Singh, and Brent Sanders.  We would like to start a Social Committee.  If anyone would like to be on the Social Committee please email us.  The main purpose of the Social Committee would be to host an Annual Group Ride/Picnic and organize any other events that may benefit the social aspect of the club and draw more active members.


Brent Sanders, Steve Ainsa and Dr. Rick Bonart have been toiling away on the parking lot project.  Stanley Jobe is donating almost all of the materials necessary for the project.  We are currently trying to find an affordable (aka FREE) way to remove the illegally dumped material that is currently at the site.  If you can help us with removal of fill dirt/rock, please email us.  This space, which will help ensure legal access to the Redd Rd. trail network and provide mountain bikers with the only non-State Park trail head, has been a long time dream for these three volunteers.  Thanks to their hard work we are going to soon see an official trail head that is a direct result of the club’s efforts….not the city or the State Park.


We are always at a loss as to what people expect from the BMBA.  Take a second to answer this poll.

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